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"As entrepreneurs, none of us are
alone, and as one rises, we lift all

Meet The Team

Creative Director/Co-Founder of Veselka Works, LLC. I served in the Army National Guard for a decade, and I have been in financial business consulting for nearly ten years. I have trained in graphic design and operated independently for the last five years. My driving passion is helping other business owners reach their highest goals through creative channels that I am always refining.

Spirit Animal/Support Pup for Veselka Works, LLC. Greetings, Hooman, stay home with me. I protect em, so is der more time for yums. I Luv Hoomans, hoomans hecking big excite 2 Luv me 2.

Managing Director of Veselka Works, LLC. I am from a military family that has had generations serve. I am originally from Arkansas, though I moved to Portland a few years ago. With years of experience in the office climate, I was grateful to accept an opportunity with a company that allows me to be the best mom and still make a living.

Technical Director/Co-Founder of Veselka Works, LLC. I was honored to serve in the United States Armed Forces for six years. I have held positions such as lead software engineer for some of the world's largest companies and have a passion for making technology work for my clients. That easily translates how our unique development of websites limits the risk to businesses.

The Brand Director of Veselka Works, LLC. I am a proud spouse of a military veteran. I am an advocate for many animal organizations. I spend much of my time ensuring animals are getting proper treatment and have fostered countless pets until they find their forever home.


A logo grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, and is the foundation of your brand. It is a visual that communicates your unique qualities.


Beyond a memorable logo, branding increases the value of a company. It provides a voice for your company when you are not in the room.

Internet Design & Development

A website not only gives credibility, but it also helps to provide a positive impression that your company is bigger and more successful.

T. Hofford, Owner

After my first attempt at doing the website myself, I quickly found out I need experts. It worked out great, and undoubtedly saved me lots of time! It fits everything that was promised, and the support seemed effortless for all my questions. As a veteran, it was great to support a local business that has had shared experiences like me.

Elli Kline, Director

I wasn't sure what I was getting into when starting my first e-commerce business. Veselka Works made it all seem so much more personal. They helped with the logo, but it didn’t stop there. They gave me some great resources for businesses like mine and even took the time to explain some best practices for day to day operations.

Cody Davis, Owner

Man, those look amazing! You absolutely nailed it. I love all of them, the one on the left is absolutely perfect and better than I imagined, and the black backgrounded silhouette looks exactly like her. I never even thought of setting the beanie up like that but love the look of her over top the name. Colors are perfect. I couldn't have asked or imagined better results.

Let the Adventure Begin!

We would love to hear from you, whether its questions about our services offered, general business, or world mysteries. We will do all we can to get back to you promptly.

Our Services

  1. Logo and Branding
  2. Infographic Design
  3. Print Design
  4. Advertising
  5. Business Cards
  6. Letter Head
  7. Presentation Design
  8. Web Graphics
  9. Web Development
  10. Packaging Design


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